Happy Saturday! Spring has arrived by me, so I’m probably going to go out running later. However, here are some cool links for you guys who’d rather just stay on the internets.

Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage – A parody video of the Lady Gaga song that also teaches you some women’s history

EaTheremin – this is a fork that plays music depending on what food it’s currently touching

Glowing Sushi – If you can get your hands on genetically modified, glowing zebrafish, which is safe to eat, then you can have some serious fun with your food

Living Electron Microscope Photos – Scientists managed to keep these ticks alive inside the chamber of a scanning electron microscope and got some awesome pictures and even video

Kermit, the Frog, on the Colbert Report – and he’s talking smack about Republicans!

Launch into Space Video – NASA has put together a great video of a shuttle launch from the view of the external cameras

Game Boy Music – no game required, this is an interesting use of a Game Boy


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