So, it’s that time of year again: PAX East is coming! We’ll be there, so watch for tweets to meet-up, say hi, etc. As we’ve done in the past, we want to do a bit of a PAX Planning Count-Down, so watch for an article every week with a great idea for your PAX planning, or cool and useful stuff for whatever conferences you might be heading to.

Hope Rides Alone

Thanks to Plutor for the great Protomen picture from Paxeast 2010

This week, we want to get PAX inspired, and we’re doing it with music. PAX concerts are without a doubt one of our favorite parts of PAX. There are so many wonderful artists involved and a variety of music styles. We’ve actually managed to collect a lot of the music from these artists, and some we even acquired at previous PAX’s! Here’s an idea for a great playlist to get you PAX inspired, or just to annoy all the non-Geeks at your workplace.

I tried to stick with 1-2 songs per artist (although some of them got away from me!) and included some not-played-at-PAX-but-should-be bonus tracks.

The Penny Arcade Theme – MC Frontalot

Let’s start it all off with the main theme of our very own Gabe and Tycho written by our very own MC Frontalot. However, you rarely find this in it’s original form during the shows as Frontalot loves a good mash-up. Fortunately, so do we. My link is to last year’s awesomeness!

The Minibosses – Castlevania Medley

Here’s your awesome old school nintendo done up in metal by the band that made the craze a hit. I chose Castlevania because it has some of the most interesting but slightly underappreciated music.

Re: Your Brains – Jonathan Coulton

Jonathan Coulton has quickly become the Geek National Songwriter, perhaps it’s because he writes about zombie, mad scientists, and monkeys. However, there are very few places where an entire concert theater will put their arms out like zombies in unison. PAX is that place.

The Will of One – Protomen

This Act I song helps to set the scene of our hero Megaman battling the robots to save the people. Will it all work out? Only the Commander knows. The Protomen are awesome because they maintain character even when not on stage, go chat with them, it’s fun!

Final Fantasy Suite – Video Game Orchestra

Because, sometimes, you need a stage full of string players to really enjoy some of the most epic music in video gaming.

Final Boss – MC Frontalot

This was the song made for the final boss battle in the Penny Arcade game, and it’s still amazing. At the concert, aim for the right side so you can see Bl4k Lotus’s face as he shouts “I crack the whip, you play the game!” It’s worth it.

Speaking of Bl4k Lotus, let me throw in a bonus track for you here by him under his non-nerdcore name Brandon Patton. Brandon is quite the musician and all around amusing guy, and we should get him to play in the jamspace this year! Here’s one of my favorites of his: I’m Big in Japan – Brandon Patton

The Captain’s Wife’s Lament –  Paul and Storm

Admit it, you like saying “Arrgh!” over and over again for twenty minutes, and so do we! Just to brush up now: what’s a pirate’s favorite website? Penny ARRRcade! I’d put a shorter version on the playlist.

The Hounds – Protomen

This has to be one of the most fun songs ever from Act II, and TURBO LOVER kills it every time! Spend the next few week’s practicing so you can shout “What was her name?” at the right time.

Bonus track! Even though they never seem to come to PAX, there is no doubt that TMBG are the Godfathers of all geek music, and so I always throw them on my PAX playlist. Here’s one of their new ones Can’t Keep Johnny Down – TMBG

Metroid Theme – Metroid Metal

More video game by way of metal. Although these guys are limited to specific tunes, it’s worth watching because their main guitar player is absolutely amazing.

First World Problem – MC Frontalot

I add this because it’s a song all geeks relate to and you need to practice those hand motions! First (pointer finger up) World (three-finger W, throw it back) Problem (thumbs down).

A final bonus track by another MC Frontalot band member. You might recall this song through the internets, but it’s always worth another listen. More jamspace fun? Hey Molly – Mike Lombardo

Breaking Out – Protomen

This is without a doubt my favorite Protomen song. Panther is an unbeliever musician and singer and if I weren’t already married … actually, who am I kidding, if I weren’t married I’d be going after Wil Wheaton. Still, enjoy this Act II number.

Frogger: The Frogger Musical – Paul and Storm

This is not only amazing because it is a musical about Frogger, or because some lucky girl gets Paul to sing to her, or because Storm is just awesome. This is amazing because at the end they say “Now I’m home” and that’s how PAX feels to us!

Skullcrusher Mountain – Jontathan Coulton

This is here at the end because it has ended some of the best nights of PAX I’ve ever been to. Picture this beautiful song about a mad scientist on acoustic guitar, Coulton’s second encore, and the whole room sings the final chorus. Yeah, that’s PAX.

Only 3 weeks left!

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