I’ll admit it, sometimes us geek girls need a little help in the fashion department. Don’t worry though, because some of our fantastic role models have killer style that we can feed off for our own ensembles. We’re starting off with one that’s cute, but casual, and pretty simple to pull off – the lovely Amelia Pond.

Because she’s not a cartoon, you may find that you can copy exact outfits from the show. Feel free. In fact, I outline a couple of her most iconic looks below. However, be aware that this show has some crazy fans, and they will recognize your inspiration. This could be a great conversation starter, but for some of the shyer girls, you might want to keep it a little more subtle.

First, let’s go over a few of Amy’s style points, and then I’ll show you how to bring it together with a couple outfits from the show.


Skirts and Stockings

This is what Amy Pond is all about, right here. Short flirty skirts, and opaque stockings to make the outfit a little less revealing. No doubt Amy is super attractive, but don’t worry. There are skirts that suit all body types. When picking one out, make sure you feel comfortable!


Boots and Jackets

When you never know where, or when, in the universe you might end up, you have to be prepared with some stylish outerwear. Amy knows exactly how to add a little flair to her outfit with a leather bomber or some kickass boots.

Layers upon Layers

Us northeastern US geeks totally understand this concept of dressing like the weather’s going to change, but Amy has perfected it. Play with pops of color, neutrals and jewel tones to really get the Pond look, or add in your own dash of style with some patterns.

Amy Pond Red

Those gorgeous locks are perfectly complimented by pops of red in nearly all of Amy Pond’s ensembles. When picking out a red that suits you, think about whether, like Amy, you’d look better in a warm orangey red or if you need one with a little more blue in the undertones.

Outfit 1: The Impossible Astronaut

The red plaid shirt from this episode is iconic. Pair it with jean capris pants and a pair of brown sneakers. Amy wears her hair down, but pulled off her face with some barrettes. If you don’t want to completely copy the look but still get that Pond essence, pair the shirt with a mini skirt and tights.

Outfit 2: Time of the Angels

This look really shows off two of Amy’s major style points. The skirt over stockings, and a bright red sweater. Although hers is oversized, wear this outfit with a fitted sweater for a more everyday feel.

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