I’m always looking for fun things on the internet, and this week, one came to me! Fortunately, it showed up from one of my favorite, artistically talented Etsy buddies, who we’ve featured before: Bohemian Bear. Even better: for Valentine’s Day she’s going to give stuff away to one lucky commenter!

Keep reading to find out how to win!

The fun thing for today are geeky Valentine’s from her Etsy Bohemian Bear Paper Craft shop. I mean, isn’t it more fun to tell your significant other, or even just your best friend, that you love them with a little geek flair? As a girl who was proposed to with the One Ring to Rule Them All, I thing that a little geek is definitely what V-Day needs (and maybe a little less gushy love stuff, but that’s just IMO).

Still, these cards are perfect for giving out to friends, loved ones, and best office mates. One option is above. Take a look at the other two.

So, here’s how the contest goes. You can earn entries by:

1. Commenting here with a brief story about geek love. It can be your story or someone else’s.

2. Tweeting with a link to this here contest post and an @girlsaregeeks (so I know to count you!)

You can enter until the end of the day next Thursday, February 2nd, and I’ll randomly pick a winner Friday morning. Then you can choose one of the three sets we’ve pictured with enough time to give them out and have the geekiest Valentine’s Day ever!

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  • My boyfriend and I both were working for the Census, and knew each other in passing, but the first day I really noticed him was May 14th, 2010. I’m a huge fan of Girl Genius, and was so pleased by that day’s page (http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20100514 ) that I printed it out and brought it to work with me. As I was rereading it, he peered over my shoulder and recited with me the last line on the page, “Have you no shame?” We then went to Starbucks to chat about our shared interests, and from that sprung friendship, which quickly turned to romance. We count that day as our anniversary ^_^

    Last summer, we had the chance to meet the creators of Girl Genius, Phil & Kaja Foglio, and I thanked them, because if not for their comic, we wouldn’t be together. Girl Genius isn’t the only thing we share, but it’s certainly an important one – and I will always remember that page with fondness.

    Geekhyena 28.Jan.2012 11:50 pm
  • After two dates, a friend of mine decided that he didn’t want to continue down the path to a relationship. I hadn’t had a single date in five years before that and I was heartbroken. What was going to be the best “I can’t leave campus” Spring Break of my life was suddenly falling apart. I spent the evening watching Next Generation and eating Ben and Jerry’s. But don’t worry! If this guy hadn’t called it quits right then, the best thing in my life wouldn’t have happened.

    The next evening, two of my best friends (who were and are dating) decided to drag me out and take me to a hockey game. While I enjoyed watching the other team lose, I was much more fascinated by one of my friends’ friends, who they decided to bring along. He was short, a very enthusiastic spectator, and, as I soon found out, a HUGE geek. The four of us were talking the next day and the conversation turned to Firefly. He let it be known that he had a “Simon suit” and he’d gladly be Simon if I ever needed someone to help round out a costume group. I think I gushed “REALLY?”, before turning several shades of pink staring at my feet. My best friend burst out laughing, because she knows I’ve got most of Kaylee’s personality, and she saw a connection that kept building over the course of Spring Break. In less than four days I went from being completely heartbroken and angry to falling flat on my metaphorical face because I fell head over heels.

    My best friend knew instantly that we were made for each other, and that we both liked each other, but would never say anything. Almost two months after we met, he decided to bake a cake for another friend’s birthday, and she deliberately kept away from the two of us so that we could bake a Black Forest Cake (yes, Portal reference) by ourselves. She came over for the party and that evening concluded with some Link to the Past and a film that I don’t remember much of, because I spent most of it trying to to fall asleep on his shoulder.

    At the end of the semester, our friends had an all-night marathon of the Lord of the Rings films. I fell asleep on his shoulder more than once, and I’m pretty sure he fell asleep while I dictated the film line-for-line.

    My family’s home didn’t have internet, thanks to remodeling, and so we spent the entire summer writing each other letters and sometimes calling each other.

    After I returned to school in the fall, we started dating again. Dates have included making dinner, watching Star Wars, putting together a 1000 piece puzzle of Smaug, playing Magic, watching Monty Python, marathons of Doctor Who, eating Pizza, and watching Thundercats and Clone Wars. He introduced me to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and both of us anxiously await Korra. We’ve played video games together, and of course, had discussions about the merits of various geeky things, normally while he paints his Warhammer 40k Necrons.

    We’ve been dating for eight months now (our anniversary is a week before my birthday!) and I couldn’t picture my life any other way. He’s the compression coil in the engine that is my life, the d20 in my dice set, and my Simon.

    Marie 29.Jan.2012 4:41 am
  • It’s 2003. I’m 13. A blonde, baby-faced boy with coke bottle glasses is asking for my number. I balk, and tell him that I don’t really give out my phone number to dudes (my parents would be scandalized), but I relent and give him my email address. He doesn’t have a pen, so he memorizes the complicated combination of my initials and something about magic spells on the spot. I don’t think much of it. This kid is a total nerd, and I definitely am not.

    This guy was tenacious, y’all. He’d email me, call me up (when I eventually gave him them digits), and beg me to be his girlfriend. I spent quite a bit of time rejecting him, because stupid preteen me didn’t want to admit that I was falling for quite possibly the world’s biggest geek. He loved sci-fi. He played video games. He played LARP, for goodness’ sake.

    After a few years of fruitless persuit, he stopped trying. It wasn’t until he did that I began to see aspects of my life in an entirely new light. Hadn’t I played video games, too? I was crazy over RPGs, and the rest of my girlfriends didn’t even know what that meant. Hadn’t I rolled a sweet deck of Pokémon cards? Fire and psychic heavy. Didn’t I stay up late to catch my favorite anime every single night? Inu Yasha. (Don’t judge; you know you loved it.)

    Oh, God, fifteen-year-old me thought. I’m a geek. And I need to be with the one person who is as much of one as I am.

    Fast forward to present day. That boy is now a tall, handsome man with a laugh as big as the sea. He has strong arms that never fail to be warm when I need a hug. He kept the glasses, but I don’t mind. He’s the man of my dreams.

    David and I have been together for around six years now. He’s turned me on to some great stuff, and vice versa. He got me into Doctor Who before any one of our friends new about it. We watch the Christmas special together every year. I made him sit and watch the entire season of Firefly because I knew he’d regret it the rest of his life if he didn’t. We both agree that we’re most like Zoe and Wash. Our dream house has 8-bit tapestries, extravagant gaming centers and libraries, and a museum in the backyard of all things “awesome.”

    He inspires me to be a better person, but more importantly, he accepts me for who I am.

    A geek. 🙂

    Cyndi 29.Jan.2012 10:06 am
  • When I started dating my husband in high school 20 years ago, we were both hopeless nerds, without this broad geek community to fall back on. Back then, I was more of a band, school, & books nerd, and right away he had me watch Star Wars (I never had, but loved it right away) and introduced me to many other sci-fi goodies. Through the years, we’ve really grown up together, always keeping up with the latest Nintendo systems, playing board games, watching Doctor Who (again for him), and really feeling comfortable now identifying as nerds.
    We’ve been married 15 years now, and we’re doing our best to raise our Geeks 2.0. Every day, I’m so happy to share my life with someone who gets me so well; who shares my interests & makes life interesting. <3

    Margaret 30.Jan.2012 2:16 am
  • My boyfriend and I met at the Math Majors meeting our junior tear of college. He complimented me on my y=mx+b earrings and them said: “my slope just increased”. I thought that was super creepy until he laughed and I realized he was kidding (thank god). From there on it was parabolas and string theory, with a healthy dose of Mario Kart. We have been together 3 years now, and my earrings have become a symbol of our relationship.

    Lou 30.Jan.2012 9:20 pm
  • Well, I unfortunately don’t have any good geek love stories, (I’m working on it, though ;p ), but my best friend at college met her current boyfriend when she walked by one day and he was watching Dr. horrible’s sing along blog. She told him she was a fan, the watched the rest together, and they’ve been adorable ever since!

    Kori 2.Feb.2012 10:48 pm

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