I’m a pretty hard-core Trekkie. I’ve watched all the series (though not as much Enterprise), love the movies, own the books and some actions figures, wrote my own TNG script, have the biggest crush ever on Wil Wheaton … you know, the usual stuff. Therefore, when the husband discovered this on the internet, I thought it was amazing!

This is ambient engine noise of the Enterprise NCC-1701D. Now, you can make your whole room/house etc. feel like you are hanging out on the Enterprise, in space. I would love to hook that up all the time, but at least I’m planning it for my next party!

Here, check this awesomeness out:

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  • LOVE IT!!! We recently rented the TNG first season to start my kids into the series. They are loving it. While we had the disk on the menu I noticed that it also has the background sounds of the Enterprise. I think it has a few computer sounds as well, not just the hum (but they aren’t annoying at all). I’m now really bad about leaving the DVD player on while writing after family TV night (at least until Dr. Who comes on). I love the background sounds!

    Thanks so much for a portable version!

    KtCallista 16.Dec.2011 7:38 pm
  • So glad your kids like TNG! I grew up watching it with my Dad (and falling in love with Wil Wheaton!).


    Girls Are Geeks 16.Dec.2011 9:03 pm
  • Why in the name of god is it 24 hours long?

    eric 19.Dec.2011 7:13 pm
  • What the everloving hell. My friend CrysKnife posted this, and suddenly it’s popping up ALL OVER THE FRIGGING PLACE.

    So the secret of success is to post a twenty-four hour loop of the most reassuring noise known to geek-kind (that is, ambient noise from a popular sci-fi program that only occurs when there are no galactic emergencies abounding). I must learn from his example.

    InfinitySquared 20.Dec.2011 3:03 am
  • Stuff Nicki Minaj – THIS is why God made the Subwoofer!

    RobF 20.Dec.2011 3:38 am
  • I’m not even a huge TNG fan (yet) and I think this is awesome! I wonder if I could get this for my mother and brother…they’re running through the series as we speak.

    Mmm, to be surrounded by the pleasant sound of starship engines. Maybe this is how they keep from going crazy out in space.

    David 22.Dec.2011 10:08 am

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