Today, we bring you a perspective from The Mothership on How-To Have Halloween with Creative Geeky Kids. Just a warning, we were all a bit nuts as kids, and we loved Halloween, and I think we drove The Mothership crazy! Maybe you’ll pick up some Halloween ideas from our old ones. Enjoy!

This was definitely inspiration for Dawn one year, lights and all! Thanks to d4rr3ll for the great photo!

The words of The Mothership:

Why I always hated Halloween….

Every year or two, we would take our 3 daughters to visit Walt Disney World (my favorite place!) and we always enjoyed watching the daytime and nighttime parades. However, my children would use the costumed parade cast as inspiration for their next Halloween costumes. The girls would come up with the ideas, but it was always up to MOM to implement them. Between the creation, hand-sewing and construction of the costumes, coupled with all of that candy, Halloween became a most challenging holiday for me.

Some of the most memorable costumes were:

an elf sitting on top of a toadstool (child’s upper body dressed as the elf, child’s legs were inside the stem, with “fake” legs dangling on the mushroom – a stuffed pair of tights)

a rider upon a horse (child’s upper body dressed as the rider with a “fur” blanket draped over a stick horse at the child’s waist to hide the legs; fake legs -stuffed pants- extended over the horse’s body)

a scarecrow dancing around a corn stalk (child dressed as scarecrow in denim overalls, child’s one leg was wrapped in green felt as corn stalk and decorated w/ corn/leaves, while other leg was inside one overalls leg, with a fake denim leg that was stuffed attached to the pants. When child stood on the “cornstalk leg” and hopped around, it looked like dancing around the cornstalk)

a dancing dragonfly/butterfly complete with lighted-up wings (the most difficult part here was finding battery-operated Christmas lights in the wrong season!)

a tall bird (ostrich?) with the neck/head rising way above the child’s actual head on a tube as the neck (a cut out in the tube was made for the child’s face), and a pink feather boa attached to the arms/wings at shoulder and wrist so it would move when the arms moved; base was a pink leotard and tights, I think.

a mother carrying a baby (child’s body and arms were dressed as the mother, in a long skirt and long-sleeved top, while child’s face was the “baby” wearing a bonnet and bib, with a stuffed baby one-piece stretchy pajama attached below the bib; a backpack-type frame supported a fake mother’s head rising above the child’s actual head)

Tinkerbell in a green satin costume, similar to that of Peter Pan, totally hand-sewn including the pointed hat and wings

We still love costumes! Some more current costumes with Dawn, The Mothership, and Gardella.
Dawn’s Aurora one was designed and sewn by Rosalind.

Later on, one daughter (Gardella) used movies as her inspiration and “became” Scarlett O’Hara in the summer barbecue dress (giant hoop skirt with green leaf print hand-drawn on the skirt), and Audrey Hepburn from the Ascot races in My Fair Lady with a huge picture hat.

The older daughter (Rosalind) developed her sewing skills early on, and usually made her own costumes. I do remember one year her being an Indian princess with hand-sewn beading on the brown dress…and I have a vague memory of a pink clown costume that was “half and half” with one side one fabric and a different fabric on the opposite side?? and maybe a hula hoop sewn into the waist to make it billow ??? or am I dreaming?

[note from Rosalind: The Mothership is not dreaming, I’m pretty sure that did happen. I used my award-winning clown makeup that year as well!]

After reflection, I realize that I probably brought this on myself, since even as infants (before they began to conjure up their own ideas), the girls NEVER wore a store-bought costume. I remember one baby (Rosalind?) wearing a hand-crocheted purple & white clown outfit and hat!

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