There are a couple of things we believe very strongly inat Girls Are Geeks, and one of those includes the idea that no men should ever tell women what we can’t do. Well, about 8 years ago, a panel of male game journalists essentially told one Trina Schwimmer that women don’t play games and shouldn’t be game journalists, and her response to that was to start a gaming news website run by women. I have a ton of respect for a woman who can do that, and that is why Trina Schwimmer is this month’s Geeky Woman Role Model!

First, let me tell you about Gaming Angels, if you aren’t already reading it. It’s a site run by women for women and it covers gaming as well as numerous other geeky topics. They do plenty of game reviews, and it’s definitely one of the few places where you can get reviews of games such as Gears of War and Assassin’s Creed by women gamers who really love and play these games. There are also articles about your favorite gadgets, television and movies, and Japanese culture. Since it is a site geared for women, there’s also great stuff about geek fashion and articles about other fabulous geek women. Everyone on there is awesome and they should be on your RSS feed.

Now, a bit more about Trina. Clearly, running such a great geek site, she’s definitely a geek, and for that matter, clearly a gaming geek. She’s actually been gaming since she was 6 with an Atari 2600, but there’s more! Trina is also a comic book geek and self-professed lover of superheroes from a young age. Her profile on Gaming Angels also quotes her as having an “unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty” though we’re sure nothing associated with Hello Kitty could be truly unhealthy. She’s also a tech geek who did programming in college.

One of the areas Trina has been very involved in is talking about how games, game characters, and game marketing relate to women. She was on the PAX East Panel Females on Female Characters, and she’s talked in a few different places about wanting to see stronger female characters in games (maybe with slightly more clothing) and better marketing to women who might want to play these games. She envisions Gaming Angels as a place where topics like this can be discussed where women feel safe expressing their opinions without being dismissed as being simply feminists. I have to say, I think she’s pretty much accomplished that goal!


Trina at PAX East, she’s third from the left

I didn’t get to the panel, but mrmoneda got a great picture!

Trina has been noticed for her efforts by plenty of others including the Frag Dolls as a Game Industry Woman to Know and Fast Company as an Influential Women in Technology, and I think it’s clear why that would be. Trina Schwimmer wanted a place for women gamers, and when one didn’t exist: she created it. That’s an amazing accomplishment, and that’s why we are proud to call her our Geeky Woman Role Model for June!


  • I’m so honored and humbled by this! It’s also an awesome bonus since June is my bday month! haha
    Thank you again and myself and all the wonderful staff of GamingAngels hope we can continue to create a place where women want to go to talk about a range of geeky topics. ^_^

    Trina 10.Jun.2011 6:47 pm

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