As you probably know, I love to bake. I also love geeky things. One more thing: fat cat is fat. Anyway, the idea here is that I’ve been keeping an eye out lately for some of the coolest geeky cakes out there and I have a list of ten of them for you, in no particular order, that I thought were pretty awesome!


If you are going to have a semi-traditional wedding cake, this is definitely the way to go. Two beings, bound together by their undying commitment to exterminating all other creatures.  This is part of Kate Hibbs’ photo stream on Flickr.

This great Mario cake from the London Cake Company ltd. says that it is for children, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t get one just like it for my husband’s 31st!

Okay, so Norie is my new favorite baker, because I want a Daria cake so badly. Daria was always my favorite geek, back when I used to emulate her volleyball skills and dry wit. Mmmm, if Norie weren’t way far away in the Philippines.


I only saw Terminator 2 about a half dozen times before I ever saw the original Terminator. it’s okay, my husband fixed that problem about 8-9 years ago. However, much like Ghostbusters 2, it will always hold a place in my heart from my childhood movie watching, and so when I saw this cake, I thought it was just great! Not sure why someone would be inspired to make it, but who cares. Maybe it was one of the many anniversaries of Judgement Day. It’s on A Blog 4 Guys, but now I’ve gone and evened that out anyway!


This cake looks pretty awesome right now, but if should start blinking, you might want to get a safe distance away to avoid being covered in frosting! Amazing work Katie!


This is the most delicious binary message I think I’ve ever seen. They said that it got eaten before it was decoded. I totally understand why.

This cute little Stormtrooper cake from Charm City Cakes is just about perfect for a small Star Wars gathering, or to get two people through all the prequels (well, the cake plus some libations might do it!).

My family used to play the Oregon Trail competitively. As if there was another way to play. All I have to tell you for your birthday is: don’t ford the river! Also, try to avoid breaking any arms. Breaking an arm was always a death sentence. Anyway, loving this Oregon Trail cake!

This looked like it was such a nice cake, but who knew there was a little Cthulhu inside just waiting to burst out! I wonder if it’s a chocolate Cthulhu? I’m not against eating ancient evil lords if they’re chocolate. Hopefully Beebers31 survived it!

Geeky intersections are another favorite thing of mine, especially legos and everything else, but this is now cake and lego and Star Wars all intersecting together! It’s almost too much to handle. I’d eat it though. You know I would! You can thank The Cake Maniac for this bit of awesomeness.

Okay, well, that’s 10 awesome cakes. There are so many more out on the internets, though. Have you got a favorite that you’ve seen?

I just want to shout out to the websites that seem to always post the ideas that lead me on these geeky cake hunts:  Between the Pages, Geeks Are Sexy, and Forever Geek. Apparently these sites have geeks just as obsessed with baking as me! Or they are just as obsessed with delicious things … same difference, right!

Well, if anyone ever wants to come over to my place and try your hand at an awesomely geeky cake, you’re invited! If you want to try and make your own geeky edible designs, as we’ve done in the past, almost all of these are made with the mold-able icing fondant, and you can make your own from marshmallows or buy some Cook’s Tools & Gadgets) and go for it!


  • Of course you can’t be expected to know every cake on the internet, but check out my friend Jen’s work at… Off the top of my head, she’s got a star wars fight scene with glowing light sabers, a 3-d at-at cake, a “cute-thulu”, a Linux penguin, and she’s a gamer so I’m pretty sure there were game-inspired cakes that are slipping my mind. She’s truly an awesome geek girl.

    Stephanie 18.May.2011 4:32 pm
  • Very cool site!

    Girls Are Geeks 19.May.2011 3:03 pm
  • Thanks for featuring me on your list…Glad you liked my cake..I’d give you one if you ever come here to the Philippines…God bless!

    Check out my other geeky creations like the Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds cakes.

    Thanks again

    Norie’s Kitchen

    Norie 18.May.2011 5:04 pm
  • You have such great stuff, it almost gives an excuse to try and plan a trip there. My mother has been, but not me. I was originally going to feature the PvZ cakes, but then I saw Daria!

    Girls Are Geeks 19.May.2011 3:01 pm
  • Yes, indeed! Norie’s cakes are really scrumptious and artistically beautiful. She did our wedding cake and it was really really GOOD! a lot of my guests started asking me where did I get our wedding cake.

    Myrine 18.May.2011 9:41 pm
  • Awesome!

    Girls Are Geeks 19.May.2011 3:00 pm
  • Yum! I like that Cthulhu cake in particular, because it looks like it would have been so beautiful and classic if it weren’t for the disgusting tentacles bursting out of it.

    Eleni 18.May.2011 9:48 pm
  • I think that’s what I think is great about it as well!

    Girls Are Geeks 19.May.2011 3:00 pm
  • Lego Star Wars 3 is the most confusing of all the Lego games (excluding Pirates because I haven’t opened it yet). The HUB world’s to big.

    Business Notebook Nx8420 Battery 19.May.2011 11:54 am

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