We’re starting a little something new here on the blog, which is to highlight new games, including some that aren’t quite out yet. Game players tend to be creative sorts, and some are creative enough to not only improve the games they have, but to try and create whole new games. So, when we run across someone who has written or created a new game that sounds great, we’ll let you know about it so you can bookmark it as a future timewaster!


I like RPGs. I play DnD weekly, and I think the thing I end up liking the most about it is the idea that we’re sitting around a table telling a story. I love the way our group in particular has really worked on our characters. We have lives, stories, and relationships, especially with each other, that have developed over the course of the game. When I started reading about this new RPG, Amaranthine, I think what struck me most about it was how important to the game the relationships between the characters seems. Actually, the whole game intrigues me enough to introduce it to you. 

The Amaranthine are a people who are, in a sense, immortal, and their immortality is achieved through constant reincarnation. They are touched by magic and seem drawn to other immortals who they meet in each new life. Amaranthine is described by one of its authors Filamena as “a game of adventure, sword fighting on roof tops, romance, hot sex, and relationships across the centuries.” A large portion of the game is in the character creation and the creation of relationships between the characters. Perhaps there are other members of your game that you fight whenever you meet, or one that you always love but never loves you back, or one that you feel in competition with. You define these relationships with a set of rules that govern the backstories that you improvise throughout the game. This is a just a small snapshot, but here’s a whole chapter to give you an even better introduction and some information on character creation.

The group working on this game, Machine Age Productions, is using Kickstarter to get this particular game off the ground. They’ve actually done a great job already, reaching and exceeding  their initial $2500 goal to just be sure they could print an actual hard copy book run of the game. Now, they are aiming for $5000 so that the creators of this game can make this happen without losing their own money on the deal and even giving themselves the smallest amount of compensation, and they are only $680 away. So, if this sounds like something you’d like, just $20 gets you at least a digital copy.

I love that RPGs allow us to explore worlds and concepts far beyond our own and that they are so open to creativity and the production of new worlds. Amaranthine is definitely a creative, new world and one that I like the sound of, and I think some of you probably will too!


  • Excellent – was looking for a new RPG! Thank you!

    Bec Bennett 3.May.2011 12:50 pm

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